CRScan Privacy Statement

Copper Range appreciates your interest in its services and your visit to the CRScan Web site. The protection of your privacy is an important concern to which we pay special attention during our business practices. Below is a detailed accounting of what information we collect from users of our site, how we use that information, and how we insure that information is not misused. This statement supplements the privacy information present in Copper Range's CRScan Terms of Use agreement.

Copper Range collects information from registered users of the services that Copper Range provides through a variety of mechanisms. Some of these mechanisms are apparent to our users and some are not.

Apparent Information Collection. During the use of a Copper Range service, Copper Range collects two classes of information, "Service Content" and "User Content". Service Content is any materials, files, communications, and documents posted by users in conjunction with the service. All other user-supplied materials, files, communications, and documents, excluding the Service Content, is referred to as User Content. Both Service Content and User Content are supplied explicitly by users through paper-based and online-based form submittals and are stored in a Copper Range database. The online-based form submittals may occur via Web browsers running on computers, or they may occur via programs running on mobile handsets. Some information, notably employee identification numbers, may be input by users via barcode scanners and then be deposited in a Copper Range database.

Two subclasses of User Content that Copper Range collects are "Contact Information" and "Billing Information". Contact Information is collected from all registered users of its services. This information includes a user's full name, login name, password, e-mail address, and an answer to a personal question that is used to help Copper Range verify a user's identity should they forget their login name or password. Copper Range collects Billing Information from all of its customers who have registered to use a for-pay service. Billing Information consists of information such as a billing contact name, a company name, mailing address, and telephone number.

Non-Apparent Information Collection. Copper Range also collects information about users that is implicitly supplied by users during their use of a Copper Range service. This information is saved in Log Files and Database Tables on Copper Range's servers, and in Cookies on a user's client computer. Copper Range tracks what, when, by whom, and from where Service Content is created, deleted, downloaded, uploaded, and viewed. Copper Range also tracks when users become registered, deregistered, and when registered users log into a service. Some Service Content is collected when registered users use mobile handsets at work sites to input employee identification numbers. The employee identification numbers, the geographical coordinates of the handsets, the dates and times the employee identification numbers were input, and information uniquely identifying handsets are collected and stored in Log Files and Database Tables on Copper Range servers.

Regarding Cookies, Copper Range uses them solely to make using its Web site more efficient for users. Copper Range does NOT use cookies to track user activity on its Web site. Users of Copper Range's services must enable cookies in their Web browsers to use the services.

In general, Copper Range may access all Apparent and Non-Apparent information it collects in order to:

Copper Range does not share any information it collects with third parties unless noted below.

Service Content. CRScan Content is generally shared among registered users of the CRScan service. All registered users may view and download the attendance, time worked, and work rule compliance information for employees working or who have worked at registered work sites. This information may be displayed on the CRScan Web site or it may be displayed on mobile handsets after a registered user input an employee identification number. Registered "Executive" users may additionally register new work sites, companies, and users, and any information entered when doing so can be altered, viewed, and downloaded by other registered Executive users.

Some information about employees that is input by registered users using mobile handsets is shared with third parties who are integral to the operation of the CRScan service. In particular, employee identification numbers, the work sites where employees were present when their employee identification numbers were input, and the companies that owned the mobile handsets that were used to input employee identification numbers are passed to Pembrooke Occupational Health Services. Pembrooke uses this information to aid them in finding employees who have been selected for random drug testing as per agreements between the employees, the employees' employers, and Pembrooke.

User Content. User Content is generally viewable and downloadable only by registered users who posted the content, with the exception that Copper Range system administrators may view and download such content but only to the extent outlined elsewhere in this Privacy Statement.

Copper Range does not share Billing or Contact information with any third party except when it is required to (a) complete a transaction that is initiated from a Copper Range site by a registered Copper Range user with the user's consent; or (b) comply with a court order. In general, Copper Range uses Billing and Contact information only to effect billing that may take place between Copper Range and its registered users, and to alert its registered users of new services or changes to existing services.

Non-Apparent Information. The Non-Apparent Information that Copper Range collects is used to locate employees at work sites at specific dates and times, to instrument the billing process, and to serve as a means to resolve disputes that may arise among registered users or between registered users and Copper Range.

Copper Range makes every effort to follow industry standard security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and corruption of the information under our control. For Copper Range services, all information is encrypted during its transmission between a registered user's computer and a Copper Range server, and vice versa. Copper Range does its best to insure that its databases are accessible only to legitimate registered users through Copper Range sanctioned interfaces, and to authorized Copper Range system administrators.

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